Offer for creative and active people

Villa AKIKO is especially suited to artists seeking inspiration and concentration. The quiet of the villa and its beautiful surroundings is perfect for meditation, creating music, writing poetry or crafts. Workshops and trainings are often held for groups of adults, youth or children. Akiko is especially fond of school-age children and greatly enjoys leading them in activities and demonstrations. Japanese gymnastics and songs, kite making and ecological workshops are just a few of the possibilities for school groups from elementary school through high school and even vocational students.

In Villa AKIKO you can find
* view on the mountains and lake (Tatry, Pieniny, Jezioro Czorsztyńskie)   
* walking in the fresh air through  forests and meadows.
* at the evening near fire-place - karaoke, drink bar, scrabble, good music.

We highly recommend the following creative activities:

• Japanese culture demonstration

• chado- tea ceremony
• how to wear a kimono
• arranging wild flowers

• calligraphy
• origami- paper folding

• yoga

• ceramics course

• lessons on and practical use of herbs

• bird watching and photography

• Other ideas from guests

Youth and adults interested in ecology are invited to workshops and demonstrations of products and technology EM.


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